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Beachcombers Perlemoen Trail

              A unique owner guided slackpacking hiking trail on the Cape Whale Coast only 2.5hrs from Cape Town
Richard Lewin Group shot optA 4 day journey exploring this magnificent coastline, unravelling its many secrets withWhales De Kelders
 a devoted marine nature guide
 "An unparalleled shoreline nature experience"

Each leg of the hiking trail offers a remarkable view of this coastline, professionally interpreted with special insights into
marine ecology, fynbos medicinal plants and flowers, an in-depth understanding of Khoisan history and the many shipwrecks in these waters. Read more........
Flowers Quion Point 2 opt

Lunch steps
 If your not a hiker or don't have day's to spare.
Spend a morning with the expert exploring
an extraordinary seashores 
                                             colourful rock-pools and their amazing creatures,
                                               on a 2-3 hour investigative
 Pearly Beach Stroll.

Slackpacking trail   Hiking
Beachcomber's Perlemoen Trail can be done in sections as a 2, 3, and/ or 4 day slack-packing adventure
 (no heavy pack to carry)
 which includes 4 star accommodation and all meals
(also self-catering options).
You can choose from different packages depending on your preference and pocket Read more..... Beachcomber trails


Turn your hike into an adventure

It's essential to go with the right guide. Some hiking trail facilitators use inexperienced unqualified guides      
Banded brittlestar opt
An interpreted and informed hike makes the difference between a hike and an adventure. Our country and certainly this coastline is filled with stories and secrets that you would never know without a guide with intimate knowledge and experience of the area.Crabeater seal opt

Wilderness trails are easy to get lost in! Even coastal walking trails can be confusing leading to dead ends, uncomfortable or dangerous terrain.
As ex-lead guide
 on the (Green Flag Perlemoen Trail) I have made all the mistakes and have become very intimate with the trail and its nuances. Octopus
Contact meimageedit 62 5344435390
                                          This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 Walking5plaatjieskraal baai 2 opt
 Help maintain a high standard in this industry. When booking guided activities always ask about guides qualifications and experience. 

Not an ordinary hiking trail

Walking Rocky pools bantamsklip 4 optTrails are tailored to your specific interests and needs and will at all times be in harmony with the natural environment so that we leave only our footprints. Trail Video link video

Group sizes are kept small so that the hike remains intimate with minimal environmental impact.
I am passionate about this area's marine ecology and always happy to share and demonstrate the uniqueness of the environment.
I learn something new every time i am out there which adds value to the group and the experience.
dolphin Animation

Sea Spider
      The yellow sea spider is not a true spider,but has similar characteristics, sometimes found hunting and feeding on prey with its pincer-like appendages (chelifers) they have four pairs of legs with claw-like ends used to hold on in strong currents, other slender ovigerous legs hang below the head which the male uses to carry fertilised eggs.  

The unmistakable Columbus crab on the left, a pelagic species identified by Christopher Columbus during his first voyage to the New World. The blue colour hides the animal from predators and prey in the deep ocean. On the right believed to be the same crab in its megalopa larval stage.

Columbus crab 2 opt

Blue eyed crab

About your guide Jason Stonehewer

   15 hikers opt

I am a qualified F.G.A.S.A. nature guide, studying coastal ecology and our fascinating interconnected natural world.
From 2012 to 2014 i was lead guide on the Perlemoen Trail, I started my guiding career guiding river rafting trips in 1994 for Felix Unite.
In August 2014 I received the mayors award for excellence for setting up a marine kiosk in Pearly Beach and my contribution to environmental awareness.
I am chairman of the Pearly Beach conservancy and take part in volunteer environmental educational work for the Vision Foundation lecturing in some of the more remote destinations in Southern Africa. 

 Nature guiding and studying our amazing inter-coastal marine environment is a dream come true for me and it gives me great joy to share this with others.

 rsz jason picture   Join me in a world of discovery.   animated octopus
  Contact Jasonimageedit 62 5344435390 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
  Call +27 (0) 728904317

Slackpacking with a Beachcomber Guide across the universe ... and beyond.

"This was such a highlight during my recent visit to the Whale Coast.
Jason Stonehewer reminded me of Neil DeGrasse Tyson ... in an old Landrover". 
The Good Holiday & My slow journey

 Referrals classic happy face smiley emoticon Read more......

Sea swallow 2 opt                     The sea swallow is a nudibranch a sea slug that has lost its shell. They float on the surface tension of the ocean hunting blue bottles, the sea swallows defence against predators is to secret toxic chemicals reusing stinging cells derived from their own prey. Washed up by onshore winds along with many other pelagic species we encounter.