For 2021 to June 2022

Fully Catered Trail

Group Size2 day
2 night trail
3 day
3 night trail
4 day
4 night trail
2 hikersR5,600R6,600R7,600
3 hikersR5,400R6,400R7,400
4 hikersR5,200R6,200R7,200
5 hikersR5,000R6,000R7,000
6 hikersR4,800R5,800R6,800
7 hikersR4,600R5,600R6,600
8+ hikersR4,500R5,500R6,500

Self-Catering Trail

Group Size2 day2 night trail3 day3 night trail4 day4 night trail
2 hikersR4,000R4,600R5,000
3 hikersR3,800R4,400R5,000
4 hikersR3,600R4,200R5,000
5 hikersR3,400R4,000R4,800
6 hikersR3,200R3,600R4,400
7 hikersR3,000R3,400R4,200
8+ hikersR2,800R3,200R4,000

All prices are on a per person basis, and work on a sliding scale based on your group size.  Therefore the price for a group booking of 6 or 8 is less per person, however a booking for 2 people individually joining the same trail is treated as an independent booking, requiring a separate booking process, this means should any part of the group postpone to a different date the remaining booking group price is not compromised by the change in numbers.

As a proud responsible tourism business, 5% of your payment goes towards local conservation projects and environmental education within the community.

A deposit of 50% is required to secure your place on the Perlemoen Trail.